Description and Need
What is the Mid County Parkway?

The Mid County Parkway is a proposed 16-mile transportation corridor that will relieve traffic congestion for east-west travel in western Riverside County between the San Jacinto and Perris areas and help address future transportation needs through 2040.

Why is the Mid County Parkway Needed?

All of the major transportation routes in the region are already experiencing significant congestion. While projects for each major roadway are being designed now to ease congestion and ensure future mobility, traffic in the area of the proposed Mid County Parkway is projected to double in some segments and increase as much as three times in others.

Another east-west transportation link such as the Mid County Parkway, is essential to reduce congestion and maintain and enhance the quality of life in western Riverside County. The Mid County Parkway will provide logical connections with north-south corridors including SR-79 and I-215. It will also serve multimodal bus and rail facilities planned as a part of the Perris Valley Line, Metrolink service that connects Perris to Riverside.

The Mid County Parkway is a project of Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC).
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