What is a parkway?

A divided highway with full or partial access control and with grade separations at local interchanges with major local arterials. The Mid County Parkway is designed to freeway/expressway standards as defined in Caltrans Highway Design Manual.

How will the project be funded?

The initial phase of the project was funded mainly by Western Riverside County's Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees (TUMF). The project design, right-of-way acquisition and construction costs are anticipated to be funded by a combination of local Measure A revenue, local TUMF fees, and state and federal funds.

How and when will RCTC acquire the property needed to build the Mid County Parkway?

Right of way will be acquired close to the time of construction. RCTC must follow public laws and processes to purchase the property needed for the Mid County Parkway. Appraisals will be done near the time of needed acquisition and fair market value for the land will be offered. RCTC will work with the property owner to reach a fair price. If a price cannot be agreed upon, RCTC may adopt a Resolution of Necessity to invoke eminent domain, a process outlined in the U.S. Constitution and governed by state and federal law which allows government agencies to buy private property for a public purpose such as new roads, parks, schools, hospitals and police or fire stations. Through eminent domain, property owners are paid an amount deemed fair by the court, based on opinions of independent appraisers.

Does RCTC plan to pursue plans for a corridor between I-15 and I-215?

That portion of the original project is no longer under consideration. However, modifying the Mid County Parkway project does not eliminate the need for a future route that will one day connect I-15 to I-215, as identified in CETAP, and RCTC remains committed to that long-term vision. When regional mobility needs prompt consideration of a new or improved link between I-15 and I-215, a new environmental process for that project will need to be initiated.

Does Riverside County Transportation Department (RCTD) have improvement plans for local circulation between I-15 and I-215?

The RCTD is continuing its studies for the Cajalco Road Widening and Safety Enhancement Project. The project includes the study of alignments for the widening of Cajalco Road from two to four lanes between Harvill Avenue and Temescal Canyon Road, and from four to six lanes between the I-215 southbound ramps and Harvill Avenue. See http://rcprojects.org/cajalco/ for more information.

The Mid County Parkway is a project of Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC).
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